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Tel: 902-414-9201

Frequently asked questions

Are these classes only for curvy women?

No, Katherine creates classes for people of all sizes, genders and abilities. Variarions and modifications are provided. If a class does not suit your needs or ability level Katherine is always open to feedback and is willing to work with students to make classes accessible to everyone.

Where can I find a weekly class?

Check out the class calendar for weekly classes and events!

What does a class cost?

The cost of a class depends on where you are attending. Classes offered at the Zatzman Sportsplex are priced based on membership or pass rates. This information can be found at the link below: Katherine believes in making Yoga accessible to everyone so classes that she hosts in outside locations (ie the beach) are all pay what you can. Katherine is also open to working with groups and finding a fair and accessible price for a class that you would like to host. You can request a group class on the homepage and Katherine will contact you to discuss.